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BETTING ODDS EXPLAINED HOW BETTING ODDS WORK Betting odds are used by bookmakers to determine the likelihood of a given outcome in a sporting event. The odds quoted determine the probability of a particular outcome occurring in any sporting event.

Betting Odds Explained- Sport Betting Guide | 888sport

DECIMAL ODDS EXPLAINED. Decimals are an alternative to seeing betting odds in the fractional format. Which option to view odds in is a personal preference for customers. Here is the calculation for decimal odds: Winnings = (odds * stake) - stake. Decimal odds are written as 9.0 (which is the equivalent of 8/1 in fractional odds).

Arbitrage betting explained - What is Arbing? | 888sport

arbitrage betting explained Most punters love the sound of a sure thing. If you fall into this category, some further investigation of arbitrage betting, also known as Arbing, may be the tonic for you.

Spread betting explained - What is Spread betting? | 888sport

Spread Betting - FAQ: Spread Betting - How To Get Involved. As is the case with every bet type, make sure to thoroughly research spread betting before getting involved. There is enough useful information out there to help punters and 888sport customers can read up more on spread betting by scrolling up the page.

Betting Exchange explained - What is a betting exchange ...

A betting exchange is an online tool that allows gamblers to bet directly against each other, as opposed to betting against traditional bookmakers. As sports betting is essentially a game of opinions, betting exchanges allow their customers to set their own odds on the outcomes in any given sporting event.

Tennis Betting Industry Explained - 888sport

Pre-match betting includes many of the same markets. Handicap betting is particularly popular and an important part of tennis betting strategy. It’s a good way to find value on heavily favoured players and can be a means of constructing an accumulator at a great price. 888sport offer outright tournament betting throughout major events.

888Sport Betting Review 2021 | Is 888Sport Legit or Rigged?

888sport is the betting agency owned by 888 Holdings PLC, one of the largest gambling companies in the world headquartered in Gibraltar. The company’s first forays into the sports betting industry began in 2008 when 888sport arrived on the market, with the ambition to become the world’s leading sportsbook.

What is an Each way bet? | 888sport - Online Betting

Each way betting is a key component in horse racing, both for multiple bets – as we have already seen in this chapter – and also on singles. With the each way bet explained, let’s use a practical example of how this might have an impact on you when betting on horse racing.