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What Grip is Best for Topspin? Forehand Tennis Lesson

You can hit just as much topspin with a Continental grip as with a Western grip. It is just more comfortable and natural to do it with a more Western grip. I hit as much topspin as anyone at a 4.5 or 5.0 level with my Continental grip (and can windshield wiper it if I choose), it just isn't as natural a shot as with a more Western grip.

What Grip is Best for Topspin? - Groundstroke Tennis Lesson ...

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BEST Tennis Forehand Topspin Grip! - YouTube

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Tennis Grips | Types of Grips Explained & Illustrated

The western grip is the last of the four primary forehand tennis grips, which falls a step beyond the semi-western and allows players to generate maximum topspin. The western grip exists on the pro tour, and you’ll find plenty of amateur players using – especially players from Europe where clay is a popular court surface, such as Europe and Latin America.

Tennis Serve Grip - What's Best August 2021

The Best Serve Grip and Why It Helps #1. Control. The continental grip helps you to produce topspin on your serve, which is one of its main advantages. #2. Flex. The continental grip places the racket’s face so that the wrist can flex more freely during the service motion. #3. Variety. One of the ...

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How To Hit A Topspin Forehand - TAKiN Tennis Racket Grip Tape

Tennis Grip For A Top Spin Shot. To be honest, the grip is irrelevant while hitting a topspin shot. You can hit a good and heavy topspin shot with all types of grips. So, don’t worry if you have a continental grip or play with western grip, just make a proper swing while hitting the ball.