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Kei | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

According to the Soccer Spirits art book, Kei's age is 22 and his favorite thing is teamwork. Kei won the community Christmas Skin Poll (male category), getting himself a skin Christmas Kei. 100 people who voted on Christmas Skin Poll won a free copy of Christmas Kei skin.

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Kei/Teamwork | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Scenario #162: Kei, who is determined to make everything in [his/her] life, even [his/her] dreams, about soccer, asks you what it's like to dream about soccer. Let's think about it. It was an intense feeling as if I was going against the strongest team in the universe. +3. I've never dreamt about soccer.

Soccer Spirits - Kei by VIIStar on DeviantArt

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why is kei considered a good gk : soccerspirits

why is kei considered a good gk. Discussion. since the point of gk is to not be oneshot. no defender class. attacker class reduces damage when having the ball, which means it won't matter vs shoots. crit rate reduction is negated by most shooting skills, and i'm not even considering assistors. just 10% damage reduction when attacked, it stacks ...

Kei x Reader |okei| | Soccer Spirit x Reader Drabbles

Prompt: Imagine your child doesn’t want to sleep in their bedroom. They try to sneak every night in your bed and most of the time, you end up accepting. Kei starts to get tired of the uncomfortable-ness and the lack of intimacy for having the child between them. Kei tries to convince the child that they are old enough to sleep alone, but the kid complains, asking why Kei still sleeps with ...

who is better, kei, black tortoise or lucian?? : soccerspirits

Lucian has advantage on some colosseum floors but he's HEDIOUS in PvP since the healing nerf. Ok, maybe not hedious, just sub-par when compared with Kei and Black Tortoise. Kei is the best of the three, but not off-color, on Ardor/WW you might want to go BT until/if you luck out on Jin, which is the no brainer. 0.

Soccer Spirit Guide for Players: SS Guide (Rank 51 - 100)

Key Players: Silla, Anael, Kei, Virgil, Milky Way and Hiro (If you get Duke), Mikael and Uriel (If you get Valkrja Beth), Sammy; Tips: Put Mikael at the back since his 2nd skill is a wonderful totem for back. Kei has amazing armor (decrease damage) but he is squishy, so healers work well with him. Sammy is the best one for him.

Soccer Spirits Tier List - October 2021 - TechiNow

Soccer Spirits Tier List (Characters) This is the list of in game characters from best to worst. Name. Element. General Tier. Class. Potential. Aiolos. Whirlwind.

Kei x Reader |pathway| | Soccer Spirit x Reader Drabbles

Prompt: You and Kei attend the same school, yet have never actually met. However, every morning you walk to school, and everyday Kei rides his skateboard on the sidewalk right next to you. You get very pissed off, almost being ran over and/or shoved into the street every morning. Kei is dubbed ‘asshole with the skateboard’ and is resented by you until one fateful day where you finally ...